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CDC vs DA home approval

Wondering how to streamline your build's approval process? Have a read below of the two approval systems you can choose that best suits you.

CDC being the go to for an effiecient and streamlined approval.


CDC (Complying Development Certificate) Is a state wide compliance checklist based system. All points on the checklist must comply and be ticked off to be approved. There is no leniency in this system meaning if one item on the checklist does not comply, the development will not get approved. The main benefit of a CDC being the efficiency in which you will receive approval if all items comply.

DA (Development Application) Is a local council merit based system where there is more leniency when it comes to working with the council to get the development approved. There is room to move within the council's guidelines and allows for negotiating with the council and also with neighbours for boundary encroachment, height restrictions etc. However, the turnaround of approval is significantly longer and can be delayed if items do not get approved.


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