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Communication counts!

Once you have signed up for a new home, do you know what the most common source of frustration is? It's one you most likely haven't even thought of: communication!

Before you buy a home, you are most likely concerned about the design, the look, the inclusions, and the price. What often happens after the purchase, once the average builder has you signed up is that you get left in the dark. Suddenly it seems almost impossible to get hold of anyone to answer basic questions like;

What happens next?

  • How long does that take?

  • What's happening on my site?

  • Why aren't there tradesmen there?

  • Why isn't something being done the way you told it would be?

  • ... and more!

Communication counts - our solution

Communication becomes the most important thing to customers from the time they have signed the paperwork through to the final handover. That's one of the biggest areas where you'll find Coachwood Homes are different. With our commitment to only a small number of builds on at any given time, our close-knit team is fully committed to your home build and building experience. We provide our clients with direct contact to the whole team so you get answers right away without missed calls and frustration.


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