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Designing your dream home

One of the first, most vital steps in building your new home is to ensure a careful selection of design. While many builders want you to simply choose their off-the-plan designs to speed up and simplify the process, this seldom gives you the best results. For a home to really work well, its design must be carefully matched to the local conditions, the way the land sits and the intended use of the dwelling.

Here are some key things to consider before you settle on a design;

1. The aspect of your block

  • You need to ensure the main living areas of your new home face north where possible

  • During winter, the northern sun is lower in the sky, easily streaming through any north-facing glass making the house light, bright and warm

2. Layout, and room relationships

Whether designed as a weekender, a bustling family home or a smaller residence for comfortable retirement living, the right size and layout are crucial for a successful outcome.

With that in mind, does your plan tick these 'design criteria' boxes?

  • Are the dining and family areas adjacent to the kitchen, both for ease of access and supervision of children?

  • Are visitors or children's sleeping areas separated from the main living and master bedrooms?

  • Is the main bathroom easily accessible from the bedrooms and living areas?

  • Do outdoor areas flow easily from the living areas and the kitchen?

  • Is there sufficient storage for the needs of a growing family or for items needed to accommodate visitors?

Our suggestion

Make sure you don't simply settle for an off-the-shelf design that doesn't answer these questions. It is vital to understand the impact that good architectural design will have on the livability, efficiency, and resale of your new home.


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