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Understanding BASIX

Ever wondered if your home will be designed to be energy efficient?

BASIX is a NSW Government initiative that ensures new homes are designed and built to be more energy and resource-efficient.

It is a web-based planning tool designed to assess the potential performance of a dwelling against a range of sustainability indices.

The BASIX tool has three sections; water, thermal comfort, and energy. The water and energy sections set specific reduction targets of up to 40% and these vary across NSW as a result of location, climate, soil type, rainfall, and evaporation rates.

A BASIX certificate must be provided with the development application or complying development certificate. The commitments must be marked on the house plans. You are legally required to build the home exactly as you have described on the application and to the level of inclusions specified. If you change your mind regarding commitments in the dwelling, then a new BASIX certificate must be completed and forwarded to your local council for approval.


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