As stated in our Company Values customer satisfaction is to be second to none. For many home builders this 'fades out' after the contract is signed, as your money becomes theirs. For most people, building their dream home is the spending of life time savings to create their own part of the world. Well, Coachwood understands that the whole process (yes, that's right - from design to completion) has to be enjoyed by you and your family. 


We understand that the client needs to know as much as we do about the processes being undertaken. That's why we have implemented a special client based system called Client Project Awareness System (CPAS) which gives live in-sight into your home build. This tracking system provides you with a live detailed project schedule updated on a weekly basis throughout construction and a invoices/variations tracker to keep on top of all financial transactions providing total transparency and clarity. 

"Communication was excellent and we were provided with project updates every week which was very appreciated, as I could not be on premises to oversee the work."

          L. Curry

Team Availability

We provide all our clients with direct contact details to every Coachwood team member. So in whatever stage you are at during your home build you will easily be able to contact the appropriate person to answer any questions at whatever time during business hours. Having those questions answered at the right time has proven to keep stress levels down through every phase. 


"Coachwood were extremely professional,

  approachable and flexible in their dealings with us"  

           S. Luppi


"Efficient administration.

  Easily contacted and a pleasure to deal with."  

           D. Upfield 

Collaboration & Contribution

Recent to 2016 we have implemented This is a uniquely visual community where residential design inspirations between clients and professionals can be shared and are able to collaborate and communicate different styles, wants and needs. This has proved to increase transparency and efficiency throughout design ensuring peak understanding is reached.

To find out more about this new process please contact us today.

"Spent a lot of time with us to work out what we wanted"  M. Groat

Design Interaction

Further on from client collaboration we design from roof to footings with you as a client. At every stage of plan drawing you are consulted with to ensure you are aware and have maximum input into the functionality and aesthetics of the home - inside and out. This is achieved by having all CAD processes completed at the Coachwood office by the Coachwood team. Without having to outsource this process we can greatly decrease the time it takes to amend drawings after client alterations. From the home facade to kitchen designing we do it all here at Coachwood.


"Thank you all for your wonderful efforts to complete our building works. We really appreciated the way you worked, your workmanship and your willingness to complete so many little jobs along the way. We are very happy with the completed job and extend our heartfelt thanks to you all."  B&T. Coffey



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